“Bicycle Bob” Moore’s Story

In 2021 St. Boniface Hospital marks 150 years of compassionate care for Manitobans. What began as a modest four-bed building is now Manitoba’s second-largest hospital and a research leader, a place of hope and healing supported by fundraisers like Bob Moore.

Bob Moore bent the rules of St. Boniface Hospital Foundation’s fourth annual Run2Believe fundraising event, just a little bit.

“Bicycle Bob”, as he is known in his hometown of Killarney in southwestern Manitoba, bicycled 85 km in one ride in September 2020, in support of St. Boniface Hospital. For him, this was in place of the event’s usual 2 km or 5 km run/walk or 10 km timed run.

“In Killarney, we’re called it ‘Ride2Believe’,” joked Moore.

Family history kept Moore, 75, motivated as he trained and collected donations in his community, to support patient care and groundbreaking medical research at the Hospital. 

“My father was the owner and operator of Moore Bus Lines, a small passenger bus service,” said Moore. “He died more than 40 years ago; to honour his memory, I rode the bus route he started in 1922 – from Headingley, I rode west along Highway 26 to Portage la Prairie. Then I returned east to Oakville, where my dad grew up and started his business.” 

St. Boniface Hospital means two words to people in Killarney: life-saving, said Moore. “I know a guy in town who went to St. Boniface Hospital for surgery three years ago. Something went wrong and he flatlined on the operating table.” Luckily, the Hospital was able to save him.

“He handed me $30 and said, ‘They saved my life, Bob.’”

Moore’s friends and neighbours in Killarney helped him reach his $4,000 fundraising goal. To spread the word, he made his own “Bicycle Bob” flyers and had them printed to help explain Run2Believe and his ride, when he went door-knocking.

Moore’s wife, Sue Ward, works at the local post office and collected donations there on his behalf.

Donations of all amounts poured in. “I talk to everyone in town,” said Moore. “When I was downtown or knocked on someone’s door, they all know me. It was almost easier to fundraise in a town like ours than in the city, because everybody here knows each other,” he said. “I talked to people on the street, at the restaurant; everywhere I went.” 

Manitobans who live in rural areas also rely on the Hospital for life-saving care every day – because of accidents, heart disease, cardiac surgery, premature and sick babies, and more. “I hear they fly victims of accidents and other critical patients on STARS air ambulance helicopters out of Killarney Airport all the time,” he said.

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