Where to Travel in 2019

From the old worlds and eternal cities of Europe to the beaches of Mexico, Hawaii, and Fiji, all the way to new experiences in Thailand, South Africa, and Australia… these are the best countries and places to travel for 2019!

Every year, we ask our ticket buyers to review our lottery and tell us about their favourite prizes. We also ask them about their favourite destinations, or where they’d like to travel to the most.

The results normally favour two large areas in particular – Europe and Australia and New Zealand. But there are many more places you love, from close to home to the other side of the world.

With this year’s Bonus Prizes, Early Bird draw, Grand Prize and 50/50, you can win tons of cash and gift cards from The Great Canadian Travel Co. And start planning the trip you’ve always dreamed of!


A land of adventure, wild wildlife, unforgettable views and scenery, not to mention an incredible mix of city, beach, and desert. We’ll never get over going Down Under!

New Zealand

A natural wonderland.

South Africa

The beauty and charm of one of the world’s most beautiful, culturally rich and complicated countries makes South Africa an enthralling and alluring destination…

African Safari

A truly unforgettable experience, spending a holiday alongside some of the most beautiful animals in the world!


White sandy beaches and island tranquility, all day every day.




La Dolce Vita. The sweet life is only a flight away.

UK and Ireland




European River Cruise

Choose the Seine, the Danube, the Rhine or the Rhone… all are dotted with some of the continent’s most enjoyable cities and destinations, and all make for a fine holiday!








No longer stuck in Spain’s or Italy’s shadow, Portugal is one of the hottest travel destinations in the world, and has been for several years – and for good reason! It’s beautiful, blessed with sunshine and sand and hotspot cities, not to mention delicious food and affordable prices.


Like Portugal, Croatia has been getting more and popular in recent years – and now it’s no longer and underdog destination in Europe! In fact, it may just be the best vacation you’ve ever had…


There are so many areas to pick, so many resorts and beaches and possibilities… there’s no way you can go wrong with Mexico.

The Caribbean




Southeast Asia



New York City

The city that never sleeps is, actually, not a bad spot for some rest and relaxation! But if you’d rather dance, dance the night away – oh, New York’s pretty good for that sort of excitement, too.

Las Vegas

You can golf, hit up the casinos, stay up till the early morning hours, enjoy the hotel or the pool, shop or watch a Golden Knights game…

There’s so much to do in Las Vegas, and there’s something for everyone!


From Winterpeg to always Winter? Not exactly. Alaska is a wonderful destination for snow season – but it’s beautiful in the summer, and filled with enough activities and all-natural appeal to impress any outdoor-loving Canadian!

Oh, Canada!

You don’t need to catch a cross-Atlantic flight to find some fun! Our country is big and beautiful and stuffed from coast-to-coast with the best people on planet Earth:

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