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You can make amazing
things happen at St. B

When you buy your Mega Million Choices Lottery tickets, you are showing you care about health care in Manitoba – and at St. Boniface Hospital.

Western Canada’s first hospital was born in 1871, on the banks of the Red River. From humble beginnings, St. B has grown to become Manitoba’s second-largest hospital. A major university-affiliated centre involved in patient care, teaching, and research, St. Boniface Hospital is Manitoba’s Cardiac Centre of Excellence, a key emergency care site, and a global leader in medical research.

We are proud of the compassionate care the hospital provides every day.

We also know, when our loved ones’ lives are at stake, we want the very best care possible.

That’s where you come in. Your ticket purchase is a bridge from basic to better – to best.

You create conditions where the healing power of compassion can thrive.

Thanks to you, vital capital expansions will be possible. Manitobans will have access to the latest technology and high-quality medical equipment. And, we can increase patient comfort.

You’ll offer hope for tomorrow by supporting courageous medical researchers whose discoveries will become tomorrow’s cures.

Imagine the amazing things we can do, together.

It’s easy to show you care.
Say “YES” to St. Boniface Hospital.

Small steps can lead to mighty discoveries

Help fuel new medical breakthroughs for kids and families in BC

BC Children's Hospital is the only hospital of its kind in the province, tackling the most complex physical and mental health challenges facing children and youth today. Every step brings research teams closer to life-changing breakthroughs from the lab straight to kids’ bedsides in BC and the Yukon — and beyond.

Widely recognized as leaders in specialized, innovative therapies and ground-breaking research, BC Children’s is ranked among the top five pediatric hospitals in the world. Whether it’s kidney failure, cancer, heart disease, or brain health, there are hundreds of health experts tirelessly delivering care and over 1,500 research community members working to solve the biggest questions remaining in child health.

You might think your impact is small, but your support of BC Children’s Hospital research initiatives could be just what we need to push the next medical advancement over the finish line. Thank you for getting us closer to crucial answers for kids and their families.

Thank you for making us
Over 1,200 researchers at BC Children’s are working to solve the mysteries of the illnesses that make kids sick.
Approximately 138,000 kids visit BC Children’s Hospital every year for specialized pediatric care.
Discoveries made here impact the lives of children across the province and around the world.
BC Children’s Hospital serves the largest geographic region of any children’s hospital in North America.



“Cancer surgery, organ transplants, hip and knee replacements and so much more: these medical needs didn’t pause when the pandemic hit. People from across BC count on the specialized care that our frontline heroes provide at VGH, UBC Hospital and GF Strong Rehabilitation Centre. COVID-19 has brought many new challenges for our healthcare teams, but with support from British Columbians our researchers and medical teams, who treat patients from across B.C., have done a tremendous job looking after the patients in their care. Lotteries have provided funds to equip our world-class health care teams with the tools and technology they need to provide the best care possible. On behalf of the Foundation, thank you to everyone who supports the Hometown Heroes Lottery.”

Angela Chapman,
President and CEO,
VGH & UBC Hospital Foundation

“Over the past year, all of our fundraising events were cancelled due to the pandemic. For this reason, funds raised by the Hometown Heroes Lottery are extremely important; they go towards our burn prevention programs, vital survivor services, and enhanced care for burn survivors. These programs and services help burn and trauma survivors recover both physically and emotionally. The Burn Fund can only do this because of the extreme generosity of British Columbians.”

Gord Ditchburn,
BC Professional Fire Fighters’ Burn Fund
Thank you for purchasing your Hometown Heroes Lottery tickets.
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