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Improving the Emergency Experience

Dr. Harold Peters has worked as a physician in the Emergency Department at St. B since 2017. “The first impressions of most patients and their family members are set in their experiences in our Emergency Department,” he said.  

“That shapes their experience of illness throughout their entire stay.” 

The populations the Emergency Department serves in Manitoba and Northwestern Ontario are growing. People are generally living longer, notes Peters. “So, disease is getting more complicated. The needs of the health-care system have been increasing significantly,” he said.   

Time and other factors, however, have put pressure on the department. The Hospital’s current Emergency Department was built in 1955 and has operated with minimal updates for almost 70 years. 

“I can tell you our current infrastructure is overloaded. The building itself is relatively old, and that makes it difficult for us to manage increasingly complex issues with patients,” Peters continued. Moving patients from the Emergency Department throughout the Hospital for diagnostics or treatment has become more difficult, owing to the aging facility, he added. 

The major Emergency redevelopment currently underway at the Hospital will result in a modern space where Peters says he and his colleagues will be able to better offer compassionate, high-quality, advanced resuscitation and critical care to patients.  

For example, when St. B’s new Emergency Department opens in 2025, it will have a CT scanner and diagnostic imaging machines that are connected to the main resuscitation area. To Peters, that means the same patient can be scanned “literally by going through a doorway and then coming right back,” he said. 

That will make all the difference with someone who is critically sick.  

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